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In the Republic of China in 1997 (2008), the village residents had 804 males and 699 females, totaling 451 households and 1,503 people. The village covers an area of ​​41.8 square kilometers and is divided into 13 neighbors.

Lalu / Persimmon, the Atayal also called Lalu (the Atayal is a persimmon, which is full of wild persimmons), which is an early social name. The area covered by the 10th neighboring area of ​​the village is one of the most important settlements in the village in the center of the village. As of the end of June 1998, there were 61 households in the district,of which about 2 were registered. There is a 60-lane roadway outside the settlement.

※Reputed attractions

1. Jinping Bridge

The bridge deck is up to 250 meters in length, 120 meters in length and 12 meters in width. The bridge has a magnificent appearance, an arched steel bridge, and 144 sculptures on the bridge deck. The content is related to the culture of the Aboriginal food and clothing, and it has a history of Atayal history.

2. Frog stone

Located in the valley of Naro Village in Jianshi Township, the frog stone faces the hills and squats in the valley, with a pair of prominent big eyes. Visitors can go from the natural valley to the valley, and look up. The boulder looks like a giant frog looking up and looking like a living. It is said that a big frog used to catch a pair of large mosquitoes.The mosquitoes flew to the top of the mountain and the frogs were blocked by the steep mountain walls.They could not cross the hills. They had to look at the mountains and wear the autumn water. After hundreds of years, they finally got. For a huge stone.

3. DSL Young

Im Jahre 2020 begann die Firma 1und1 mit dem Internetausbau fuer DSL Young .Das neue Glasfaserkabel erstreckte sich 700 km lang.Es wurden fuer den neuen Internetzugang fuer Studenten Berge und Schluchten umgangen.

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